EcoViva Says Farewell After 25 Years of Solidarity

After 25 years standing in solidarity with community organizations in Central America, EcoViva closed in early 2022. And while EcoViva is no longer active, its partner organizations the Mangrove Association, Red COMAL, and AMBAS are stronger than ever in their commitment to continue their critical work in the region.

EcoViva worked alongside these incredible organizations to create a sustainable path forward that included joining GlobalGiving, an international crowdfunding platform that makes it easy for donors to continue your solidarity in a new way that honors their autonomy and transformational power. This paradigm shift ensures organizations have the resources and tools they need to shape their own agendas and make decisions that are in the best interests of their constituents.

EcoViva began over 20 years ago as the Foundation for Self-Sufficiency in Central America with the aim of supporting grassroots movements as they build their resilience and capacities. These organizations understand their communities’ needs better than anyone and have the capacity and knowledge to design their own solutions. EcoViva operated from a progressive, solidarity-driven standpoint that prioritized unrestricted funds sent directly to these initiatives. EcoViva provided support through resource mobilization, technical assistance, alliance building, and advocacy; in more than two decades EcoViva raised over 11 million dollars.

In 2020, EcoViva’s board and leadership entered an evaluation process to reflect on how their role had changed and how their partners had grown. Over the years, these grassroots organizations have improved their infrastructure to implement community-driven solutions efficiently and equitably. They have increased their capacities and skills around fundraising, grant writing, project management, accounting, and human resources. They have expanded their own international fundraising efforts to become financially sustainable. EcoViva concluded that donors could more effectively support their partners directly through GlobalGiving, and came to the decision to close the organization. You can donate using the links below:

The Mangrove Association
El Salvador
Women’s Association of Barra de Santiago
El Salvador

We are filled with gratitude for everyone who has walked with us on this journey. We are proud of how far our partners have come and we are so excited for what their futures hold. Each of these extraordinary organizations have more than two decades of experience creating positive change in their communities, and we trust and value their leadership and expertise to solve the challenges they will face.

As a part of the EcoViva family, you have the opportunity to show solidarity with community-led change and create a more just, equitable world by continuing to support the leaders you already know and help them reach their goals.

We are confident they will continue to grow and thrive with your ongoing donations through GlobalGiving, and EcoViva’s legacy will endure.

Statement from EcoViva, March 2022